DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of October 25, 2015


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1.       What is the meaning of Grasta De? Describe this annual diocesan event.

2.       Bishop Donald J. Hying told participants, “Look at your life and see how miraculously, wonderfully beautiful it is.” Talk about the many ways your life is beautiful.

3.       What is self-image? In what ways does cultivating a good self-image become difficult in today’s culture.

4.       Speaker Noelle Garcia said that there was a time when she ‘needed to hear I love you.’ How important is that to you?

5.       Do you know and feel that God loves you? Why/why not.

6.       The bishop also noted that God created us to share in the miracle of his life.

          How do we share in God’s life?



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1.       Talk about what nature teaches us about the cycle of life? How does that apply to our own lives?

2.       In the month of November, which is the end of fall and the coming of winter, why is it a good time to remember and pray for those who have died?

3.       Talk about the experience of death Bishop Hying shared from his own life. What gave his family the strength to being recovering from this tragic loss?

4.       When it comes to death, what do we as humans all have in common?

5.       Why do many fear death?

6.       What does our faith teach us about death?

7.       The bishop writes, ‘Life conquers death; mercy overpowers sin; love transforms hatred.’ Does this give you hope? Discuss.



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1.       What did the ‘Step into my shoes and walk with me’ experience try to accomplish?

2.       Do you think you have a good idea what things cost, especially for a family struggling to make ends meet? Discuss.

3.       How do your parent(s) teach you the value of money?

4.       Think of ways you, at your age and with your means, can help someone living in poverty.

5.       What does our Church teach about our responsibility to help the poor among us.  Ask your teacher to assist in the discussion.



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1.       What is the one great thing that is common to all Christian denominations? List some of those denominations.

2.       Bishop Hying encourage inmates participating in this retreat to reflect on how much God loves each of us. Knowing how much God loves you, does that make you feel special? Discuss.

3.       The bishop also posed the question: ‘What is it in my life that keeps me from giving myself freely to God?’ Share your answers.

4.       What do you believe God is call you to do in your life?

5.       What does ‘agape love’ call us to do? What opportunities do you have in  

          your life to do this?



Page 14

1.       What is John attributed as having written?

2.       Pick one of the Scriptural references mentioned in this article and read it out loud in class. Discuss.

3.       How did St. John die?

4.       Talk about some of the ways St. John is depicted.

5.       Where is St. John laid to rest? (Warning, this is a trick question so read carefully!)

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