DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of November 1, 2015

Page 5
1.    Discuss what a saint is and what characteristics he or she would have.
2.    What do you think the bishop meant by “everyone is called to be a saint by virtue of baptism?”
3.    The bishop mentioned that the lives of the saints have fascinated him from an early age. Share a saint you are familiar with and what you know about his or her life.
4.    In what ways can you be a role model like the saints?
5.    Do you feel people are born saints or grow to become what God has called them to be?
6.    Research the history of All Souls Day and share what you have learned.


Page 8
1.    What are some differences between the two men mentioned in the article? What did they have in common?
2.    What are some similarities you share with your fellow classmates? Do you feel people tend to have more differences or more commonalities with one another? Discuss.
3.    Why is it important to forgive? What did Jesus teach us about forgiveness?
4.    What is one challenge you have faced? What steps did you take to overcome it?
5.    What does the term brotherhood mean to you?


Page 11
1.    In your own words, what were the bishops asking of governments and those involved in the U.N. Climate Change Conference?
2.    The article mentions that the climate and atmosphere are common goods belonging to all. Explain what that means.
3.    What are some parts of the world represented by the bishops mentioned in the article? What are some advantages of working together in a group?
4.    What can people do to help the environment?
5.    What are some things God created in nature you enjoy?


Page 13
1.    Pope Francis said Christians must train like whom to win the victory of heaven?
2.    What sport or activity have you been a part of and how did/do you train?
3.    What are some things you could do to become stronger in faith?
4.    What are some temptations you face on a daily basis? How do you handle those temptations?
5.    In the last paragraph the Pope mentions some gifts we may ask of God? What are some gifts you ask God to bless you with?


Page 14
1.    What were some of the steps that had to be done for the Andrean student to create the labyrinth?
2.    What do you suppose Librandi learned about leadership and time management during this project?
3.    If time and money was not a factor, what would like to do to improve your school or community?
4.    A labyrinth is a form or meditation and prayer. How and where do you like to pray?
5.    Talk about some people who help you on your path through life?

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