DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of November 8, 2015


Page 1

1.       What are the Beatitudes?

2.       What are a few ways you can live out the Beatitudes in your own life?

3.       Name a time you were impatient or criticized another person. How could you have handled the situation differently?

4.       What does it mean to be a meek person? Give an example.

5.       Why do you believe peacemakers are generally happier? How can you promote peace in your school and community?



Page 5

1.       Pope Francis has called for a Holy Year dedicated to what?

2.       What does mercy mean? Give an example.

3.       What are some groups/organizations that practice mercy on a daily basis?

4.       How does the sacrament of reconciliation tie into this holy year?

5.       What are some other ways Bishop Hying suggests we celebrate the holy year?



Page 7

1.       What is one fact Father Kime shared that shows a positive impact for the future of vocations?

2.       How can you along with other members of the church promote vocations?

3.       What are some characteristics of a person that would make him or her a good candidate for religious life in your opinion?

4.       Have you ever felt ‘called’ to participate or get involved with a certain project or job? Discuss.

5.       What factors will you consider when deciding on a career?



Page 8

1.       How is Sister Mary planning to honor veterans? Why may it be helpful for veterans to get together?

2.       From a Catholic spiritual side, what are some things people can do for veterans?

3.       Discuss a time when someone made you feel appreciated.

4.       Who are some people who help you on a daily basis who you may forget to say “thank-you”?

5.       Veterans Day marks the anniversary of what historical event?    



Page 9

1.       In what ways are the boy and the president different? In what ways are they the same?

2.       Bishop Hying was quoted as saying “The human person is made in the image and likeness of whom?” Discuss what that means.

3.       Bishop Hying also mentioned human beings should have rights but noted with those rights come responsibilities. What rights do you have and what are some responsibilities that come with them?

4.       Name the seven principles of Catholic social teaching.

5.       What is Catholic Relief Services? What type of work do you think they do?


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