DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of November 22, 2015


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1.  What is a Holy Year? Talk about its meaning in class.

2.  What is the name of the Holy Year set to begin on Dec. 8 and what is its focus? Who has the authority to declare a Holy Year?

3.  What is the significance of the concept of a ‘door’ in the Catholic faith?

4.  How have you experienced Jesus knocking on your door?

5.  What is a plenary indulgence?

6.  Are there any limits to God’s mercy? Discuss.



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1.  Discuss how our Catholic faith is a great equalizer among people.

2.  What are the Guiding Principles of Catholic Social Teaching? Pick one to discuss in small groups.

3.  Who was the model for Catholic Social Teaching?

4.  Consider ways Catholic Social Teaching calls us to live our faith beyond Mass on Sundays.

5.  Bishop Donald J. Hying remarked to those gathered that ‘As Americans, we’re a lot quicker to insist on our rights, sometimes more than we are to embrace our responsibilities.’ Discuss.

6.  Give some examples of how the ‘common good’ has taken a backset to individualism.

7.  The bishop also said, ‘You may be the only experience of Christ (others) encounter. Your words may be the only words of faith they come to know.’ Discuss ways you might be that experience of Christ to others in your lives today.



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1.  Describe the event surrounding this story.

2.  How disturbing is it that a nine-year-old was deliberately murdered as a result of gang violence?

3.  What is the ‘code of silence’ of which Father Michael Pfleger speaks?

4.  In your perspective, why do you think boys are drawn to become a part of a gang. Talk about ways being part of a gang is harmful to the person and to society. What are the dangers and where do you see the evil that results?

5.  What role does poverty and lack of education and jobs play in gang activity?



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1.  What is a POW?

2.  What suffering do these soldiers endure?

3.  What does this say about their dedication to their country and our need to be grateful for their service?

4.  How did Guy Gruters learn to forgive? How hard would it be for you to forgive your tormenters in such a situation?

5.  As Christians, what does God call us to do in terms of forgiving others?



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1.  Before becoming an apostle, what did St. Matthew do for a living?

2.  Ask your teacher to explain why tax collectors were mistrusted by both Jews   and the Romans.

3.  Why do you think Jesus worked with those considered sinners?

4.  What type of death did St. Matthew suffer?

5.  Where are his remains located today?

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