DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of December 6, 2015


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1.       What initial impressions did Pope Francis have of his first trip to Africa?

2.       The pope said the people of the Central African Republic want ‘peace, reconciliation and forgiveness.’ Do you think this can apply to people all over the world? In what ways?

3.       According to the pope, what value, above all else, must be taught in the world today? Discuss how this can lead to peace.

4.       What is ‘fundamentalism’? Ask your teacher to explain.

5.       Talk about the pope’s phrase ‘idolatry of the god of money.”



Page 8

1.       What is evangelization? Ask your teacher to explain.

2.       What is a zealot? Look it up in the dictionary.

3.       In what possible ways might Simon have been related to Jesus?

4.       As a class, read one of the Scriptural references about Simon listed in the story.

5.       Over the years, how has Simon been represented in art? Where was he buried and who was he buried with and why?



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1.       Talk about a group experience where you have gotten to know others more deeply.

2.       During this youth conference, how was the moment of Eucharistic adoration profound for many?

3.       In what positive ways do you see youth as being the future of our Church?

4.       How would being at such an event with your peers perhaps make a great impact on your own faith?

5.       As a young person, talk about ways you can become more involved in the Church.



Page 10

1.       Give some examples of how God has spoken to people through dreams through the years. Pick on and find it in Scripture. Read it outloud in class and discuss.

2.       What did dreams serve to do in the Old Testament?

3.       Do you think God continues to speak to us through our dreams? Why/why not?

4.       Have you ever had a dream that you think might have been giving you guidance on a matter? Share your experience.

5.       What does Sister Joyce mean when she writes that dreams often speak to us in metaphors?



Page 13

1.       How do you normally develop a friendship in your life?

2.       How much time do you spend getting to know a friend? Discuss.

3.       How is this similar to how we develop a relationship with God?

4.       Does it make sense to you that we need to train to be spiritual? Talk about it.

5.       Name one way you can begin to train to deepen your spiritual life.

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