DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of January 24, 2016


Page 16

1.         What was Paul’s occupation before he was converted to Christianity?

2.         Find the verses in the Acts of the Apostle that speak about Paul’s conversion experience and read them in class.

3.         What does it say about Paul’s new found faith that he traveled to all these widespread places to spread the news of Jesus?

4.         According to Bishop Emeritus Dale J. Melczek, what does Paul teach us?

5.         Talk about ways we can become ‘missionaries,’ like St. Paul.



Page 7

1.         What is the one most troubling ‘mistake’ that has happened been proven to happen in the past regarding the death penalty?

2.         Does should Jesus’ message of love tell us about the death penalty?

3.         From an economic standpoint, why doesn’t the death penalty make sense?

4.         Does taking someone’s life through the death penalty make sense? What does that say about a so-called civil society that we answer the taking of a life by taking a life in return? Does it make us just as guilty as the murderer? Discuss.

5.         Do you think there should be a greater effort to rehabilitate prisoners? Talk about how that might be done.



Page 9

1.         Who has been a leader in your life?

2.         What characteristics did this person have to make him/her a leader in your  eyes?

3.         The author notes that in order to become a leader, one must ‘invest’ in one’s strengths. What are your strengths, your gifts?

4.         Do you think that God intended that we share our gifts with others? Give some examples.

5.         Tatum writes: ‘Be a leader who lives beyond a lifetime.’ Talk about what she meant by this.



Page 12

1.         Read this passage from Luke 12:35-40 out loud as a class.

2.         What does this parable say about the importance of being vigilant?

3.         How are the vigilant servants rewarded in this story?

4.         Of whom is this master symbolic? The servants?

5.         How does this parable speak to us today?



Page 15

1.         What makes the accomplishments of Lani DeMellow so significant?

2.         How difficult do you think it has been for Lani to accomplish what she has?

3.         What lesson does this teach you about people with disabilities?

4.         What lesson does this teach you about overcoming your own challenges in life?

5.         Lani’s mother states: ‘In order for you to perform at the highest level in anything, practice is a priority. (And) your brain needs to practice.’ Discuss.


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