DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of Januarly 31, 2016


Page 1

1. What does the annual March for Life in Washington D.C. commemorate?

2. Why is the subject of abortion so important for the Catholic Church?

3. What does the Church teach about life?

4. Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina notes in this article that the next election will be “a fight for the character of our nation.” What does she mean?

5. Why should voters carefully consider their own beliefs when choosing those who will run our government? Discuss.

6. What do you think the phrase “culture of life,” coined first by St. Pope John Paul II, means?

7. In what ways does it seem that we are now living in a culture of death?



Page 5

1. Our Lord went into the desert for forty days to pray. What does his example call us to do during Lent?

2. According to the bishop, of what do fasting and penance remind him?

3. We generally think of Lent as a time to “give something up.” How might we also think of this season as a time to “do something?” Give some examples.

4. Find the phrase in the Lord’s prayer to which the bishop refers? Talk about what it really means.

5. What can you do this Lent to become more prayerful and allow the Lord to draw us closer?



Page 11

1. Why are the concepts of peace and serenity so notable in the Middle East?

2. What does this artist hope to achieve with his work?

3. Study the illustrations. Talk about where you find a message of hope and serenity.

4. What is artist Lamie’s own story and how is it remarkable that he wants to bring hope to his world?

5. What colors do you see in your head in the midst of painful moments in your life?



Page 21

1. Talk about ways people come in and out of our lives?

2. Do you think, as we continue on our journey of life, that we find we have different needs? Discuss.

3. How does this affect our relationships?

4. Were you ever close friends with someone but then just drifted apart? Why do you think that happened?

5. The writer states that relationships are seldom equal. What do you think he meant?

6.  He also states that through this journey of life, we create the person we want to become. In light of that statement, how important is it that we develop healthy relationships in life?



Page 21

1. How vulnerable are young people to bad influences?

2. Who are the types of young people most likely to be targeted by groups such as the Islamic State?

3. ISIS might seem like a world away but how does this remind you of gangs and how they recruit?

4. How easy do you think it is to twist religion for one’s own purposes? Can you give an example?

5. The story states that those recruited often have a desire to be a part of something bigger? Thinking back on the discussion of the story above, how then does it become even more important to surround yourself with those who will provide support and guidance built on solid values and beliefs?

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