DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of February 21, 2016


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1.  What does it mean when the article states that Pope Francis began his trip to Mexico by traveling to the ‘peripheries’of the country?

2.  By doing so, what message do you think the Pope was sending the people?

3.  According to Sister Angelica Garcia Barela, what did Pope Francis come to show and how did he do that?

4.  The pope stated that, ‘You cannot dialogue with the devil because he will always win. Only the power of the word of God can defeat him.’ Discuss.

5.  Talk about some of the ways we see the work of the devil in society today.



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1.  Bishop Hying notes in his column: ‘…our faith is not only about the salvation of souls in the next life, but also about helping each human person to flourish as a child of God in the here and now.’ Talk about what this means if we are to call ourselves Christian.

2.  Ask your teacher to explain the teaching of the Church on social justice issues.

3.  Choose one of the issues and, in small groups, discuss the challenges of the issue and how we might find a solution.

4.  Bishop Hying also states that, ‘As disciples of Christ, we can never live in a vacuum, disconnected from the world around us.’ How do we live our faith, not only in church, but in our daily lives?

5.  As your pastor or deacon to speak to your class on ways your parish addresses social justice issues. Ask him how you can help.



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1.  What is Chef Lou Aaron known for?

2.  How has Chef Aaron brought his faith into his daily life?

3.  How is he helping those in need?

4.  Do you think many people would reach out the way Chef Aaron has? Why/why not?

5.  Chef Aaron speaks about the many times God called and he said ‘no’. Can you think of a time in your life when you ignored God’s call to you.



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1.  What is the Old Shoes project undertaken by this class at St. Mary School in Crown Point?

2.  Think about it: how often do you take something, like the shoes on your feet, for granted.

3.  What other things in life might you be tempted to take for granted?

4.  In what ways will recycling these shoes help others, as well as the environment?

5.  Is there a service project your class might adopt this Lent?



Page 16

1.  Learning about your faith is the work of a lifetime. Discuss.

2.  Why do you think young people might be tempted to stop learning about the Catholic faith after confirmation?

3.  Would you prefer to be a part of youth groups or would you rather want to have an active role in the life of the larger community in your parish. Why/why not?

4.  What is the biggest distraction for you in terms of growing your relationship with Jesus?

5.  Who in your life is a role model for how you would want to live your own faith?

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