DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of February March 6, 2016


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1.  What is a synod?

2.  Why is the declaration of this synod by Bishop Donald J. Hying for the Diocese of Gary significant?

3.  In his homily at Mass that day, Bishop Hying noted that Jesus wants to “unite us to fulfill his mission of his Church.” Talk about what you believe is the mission of Jesus.

4.  In what ways might we participate in fulfilling the mission of Jesus?

5.  Discuss some of the ways Bishop Hying has witnessed the faithful of our diocese working to fulfill the mission of Jesus?

6.  What are the eight areas the bishop has identified as focal points for discussion at this synod? Talk about the meaning of each topic.



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1.  Pope Francis state that “salvation is not found through extraordinary things...” but rather God gives it freely in response to simple acts of faith, like helping others in need. Discuss. How can you help others in need, even though you are young?

2.  What does it mean to be saved?

3.  Who has brought us salvation? What responsibility do we have to continue the work of salvation?

4.  Read Luke 4:24-30. Who were the Sadducees? Ask your teacher to explain.

5.  How can the beatitudes help us to come to salvation through the little things?



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1.  Think about yourself, your family and your friends. Are you “thankful Catholics with Christ at the center?”

2.  What does it mean to have Christ at the center of our lives?

3.  The speaker at this event asked where we are this Lent when we think about what the Lord wants us to do in our hearts. Talk about this.

4.  Mr. Galipeau noted that at our baptisms, we joined with all the saints in our spiritual journey. Who, in your lives, is helping you walk that journey toward God?

5.  Who are your godparents? Find out the date of your baptism when you became a child of God.



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1.  What does it mean to empower someone?

2.  How did Mrs. Dyer’s mother empower her?

3.  Think about someone you recently succeeded in doing through your own efforts. How did this make you feel?

4.  How does Catholic Charities work to empower their clients?

5.  Talk about Mrs. Dyer’s thought that we love people into their successes.



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1.  What does it mean to be a ‘well-rounded’ individual?

2.  How does Maria Carbajal meet the qualifications of a well-rounded individual?

3.  At her young age, Carbajal is already thinking about what she wants to be when she gets older. What interests do you have that might lead to a career later in life?

4.  Who are some good role models in your life?

5.  Who are some bad role models who we see in the news today?

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