DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of April 3, 2016


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1.       Name the three oils that are blessed and consecrated at the annual Chrism Mass?

2.       For what specific purposes are these holy oils used by parishes during the year?

3.       Bishop Hying, in noting the number of young people in attendance at the Mass at Holy Angels Cathedral, said, ‘We look to you with a great

          expectation to live the life of Christ, and make a difference in the world.’ Talk about what responsibilities we have, even as young people, in this


4.       What do you think the bishop meant when he said that God is calling us to ‘radically live the Gospel’?

5.       In his quote from St. Anthanasius, he said, ‘God became man so that man can become God.’ Discuss what this means.



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1.       How does the Feast of Easter bring us hope?

2.       What did Pope Francis do in lieu of a homily during his Easter morning Mass?

3.       How did Jesus show his power over death and sin?

4.       The pope remembered this Easter a special group of people. Who and why do you think the pope felt this was timely?

5.       What was Pope Francis’ message to these people this Easter?



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1.       Why did Bishop Emeritus Dale J. Melczek recently travel to Egypt?

2.       What has made the situation in this country difficult at this present time?

3.       Do you think, as Christians, we have a responsibility to help people in other countries who are suffering? Why/why not?

4.       What religion is predominant in this area and how are Catholics suffering?

5.       Egypt has a history that goes back thousands of years versus the less than three centuries of history in our country. What would you like to know about this fascinating country or see and why?



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1.       What do we celebrate the Sunday after Easter?

2.       When the bishop writes that mercy is at the very heart of the Christian mystery, what does he mean?

3.       Bishop Hying gives examples of how we might embrace Divine Mercy in our own lives. Discuss.

4.       How difficult is it for you to love those we find the hardest to love? What can we do to show them the same mercy God shows us?

5.       According to the bishop, we are like ‘water filters.’ Talk about what this means.

6.       Determine one way you can be an instrument of mercy this week?



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1.       Where did Pope Francis celebrate the Good Friday services?

2.       According to the author of this year’s Stations of the Cross, what did he attempt to reflect in the stations?

3.       What did Cardinal Bassetti find most difficult to write about?

4.       According to the cardinal, how did he find the stations reflect the use and abuse of power?

5.       How did Joseph of Arimathea come to the aid of Jesus when he seemed to be a ‘loser’ through his desk? How brave do you think Joseph was at this  moment? Discuss.

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