DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of April 10, 2016


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1.       What does Divine Mercy Sunday commemorate?

2.       What role did St. Faustina Kowalski play in this special day?

3.       What special way did Pope Francis suggest would be a good way for dioceses around the world to honor this Year of Mercy?

4.       Pope Francis said that God’s mercy should drive people to love others. Talk about this.

5.       The pope suggests that God’s mercy is an open book to which we can all add. How might you do that?



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1.       How does the drug trade fuel other despicable actions?

2.       In what ways are the poor vulnerable in terms of a growing drug trade?

3.       It has been said that using drugs can lead a person to lose his/her very soul? What do you think this means?

4.       What approach would the Catholic Church like to be taken in solving this problem in our society?

5.       As the pope said, how are drugs synonymous with death?



Page 10

1.       As the writer asks, how do you define success?

2.       When bad things sometimes happen in our lives, how does that change our definition of success?

3.       What does the writer mean when she says that God has equipped us with everything we need?

4.       What skills has our faith given you to get through the rough times in life?

5.       Do you think you have responsibility to use the gifts God has given you for the benefit of others? Why/why not?



1.       What is ‘karma?’

2.       Give an example of a time when your conscience nagged you to do the right thing.

3.       Talk about the ways Joe, the waitress and the business woman choose to do the right thing for another.

4.       How does the story the writer relates illustrate karma?

5.       Why does she suggest that we should heed the message?



1.       What does it mean to have a direction in life?

2.       How did Matt Otwinowski show maturity and his concern for others after his father died?

3.       In what special way did this young man remember and honor his father before each football game he played?

4.       Otwinowski said that when we experience a loss, we can look at it in one of two ways. He chose the positive way. Discuss some of the wrong ways

          people might choose to go when suffering a loss.

5.       What does it mean to be a mentor? How has Otwinowski filled this role of mentor?

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