DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of April 24, 2016


Page 1

1.       What great did Pope Francis make, according to this article?

2.       In what ways was the pope’s actions a ‘dream’ for these people?

3.       What is a refugee?

4.       When were the Holy Family considered refugees? Find the story in Scripture and read it out loud in class.

5.       Talk about how difficult it must be for these people to have to flee their country and their homes.

6.       What would you miss most if you were in their shoes and how would you find comfort in the compassionate actions of others to aid you in your plight?



Page 5

1.       According to Bishop Donald J. Hying, what is the simple meaning of ‘evangelism’?

2.       What does it mean to ‘witness’ our Christian faith? Ask your teacher to explain.

3.       Why do you think so many Catholics are negligent about going to Mass each week?

4.       Do you think learning about our Catholic faith ends when you are confirmed? Why/why not?

5.       Bishop Hying states that evangelization starts with ‘integrity and holiness (in) our own lives.” What do you think he means?



Page 8

1.       How is Sister Gail Anne spreading the joy of her faith?

2.       Is this a way of evangelizing? In what ways?

3.       Sister Gail Anne states that music is healing. Do you find that to be true? Why/why not?

4.       Sister Gail Anne has some physical ailments that prevent her from doing a more active ministry. What does this tell you about the need for all Catholics, no matter what their condition, to do engage in some way in       spreading God’s love to others?

5.       Talk about some things people who are homebound or extremely busy with work and families could do to reach out in faith to people?



Page 11

1.       In the Acts of the Apostles, what do we learn about the spread of the early Church?

2.       How many Christians are in the world today? In what ways is that amazing?

3.       Talk about some of the more basic things we, as simple people, can do to begin evangelizing to those around us?

4.       What does it mean to ‘love with a generosity of spirit’?

5.       When it comes to our faith, what does the author mean about talking the talk and walking the walk?



Page 16

1.       When a couple takes vows to remain faithful for better and for worse; in good times and in bad, what does that mean?

2.       How does this story illustrate those vows?

3.       What are some of the symptoms and results of Parkinson’s Disease?

4.       How has this couple’s faith community helped them to cope?

5.       What does this story teach you about ‘counting your blessings’?


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