DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of April 31, 2016


Page 1

1. Do you agree with Pope Francis when he says that ‘happiness is not an app you can download…’ What do you think he means?

2. How would you define ‘true freedom?’

3. Talk about what Jesus means when he says, ‘By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.’

4. What does it mean to me self-centered? In what ways might doing whatever you want be considered self-centered?

5. Name the works of mercy. Talk about some simple gestures you can make to carry out the works of mercy.



Page 5

1. Bishop Hying writes that Jesus reminds us that we will be judged on how we love and serve others. If you had to answer to Jesus today, how would you fare in this regard? Explain.

2. Who are the people who have ‘fed’ you in various ways in your life?

3. The bishop states there is enough food in the world to feed our entire planet, yet many go hungry. Why do you think that is?

4. In what ways does our local Church work to feed the hungry?

5. Talk about the many ways you have been ‘taught’ in your life.



Page 3

1. Why is Dorothy Day prominent in this story?

2. What does ‘sainthood’ affirm about a person and his/her life?

3. What does canonization within the Church assure?

4. What about Day’s life made her possibly worthy of sainthood?

5. What are the three steps in the canonization process and what is required?



Page 8

1. What is a penpal?

2. What about today’s technology makes this a ‘lost art’?

3. In your opinion, what would be fun about having a penpal?

4. In what ways would a letter be better than a text message when it comes to getting to know someone better?

5. How is a letter more ‘personal’?



Page 9

1. How does this artist use her gift to help others?

2. In what ways do you think these portraits might help people heal?

3. What gifts have you been given that can be used to help others?

4. How can art, at times, tell a story better than words?

5. Do you know someone who could benefit from having a memorial portrait painted?


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