DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of September 25, 2016

To a great year! from the staff of Northwest Indiana Catholic Publications



Page 1

1.         Where did Pope Francis visit in this article and why?

2.         How do we see this visit as part of his Year of Mercy activities?

3.         How do you think his visit brought joy to the ailing and dying?

4.         The article states that Pope Francis wanted to give a strong sign of the importance of life from its first moment to its natural end. Discuss what this means.

5.         The Year of Mercy is still ongoing. What activity might you engage in to show your mercy?



Page 14

1.         Father Bryan Hehir is quoted as saying that we are born into a fabric of relationships. Talk about what this means.

2.         Do you think purposefully wove the fabric of humanity which such diversity in mind? Why?

3.         What does it mean to be present to each other?

4.         Share some ways you, as a young person, might be present to others?

5.         Do you find yourself sometimes quick to judge someone? What should we consider when we are tempted to do that?



Page 15

1.         Why did King Henry VIII have St. Thomas More beheaded?

2.         St. Thomas stated that “I die the king’s good servant, and God’s servant first.” What does that tell you about his great faith?

3.         What interesting artifact from Catherine of Aragon is included in this exhibit?

4.         Who was Anne Boleyn and what became of her?

5.         What are the two relics are in this exhibit?

6.         St. Thomas More is the patron saint of which groups of people?



Page 22

1.         Describe this special program that is part of the Andrean High School theatre activities?

2.         In what ways do you think this might work to bring students and teachers closer together?

3.         Would you enjoy participating in such a program or being in the audience? Why/why not?

4.         Do you believe being a part of a theatre group can be fruitful, but also difficult? Why/why not?

5.         What do you believe might be the fruits of this kind of activity?


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