DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of October 15, 2016


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1.         October is designated as Respect Life Month. What does that mean?

2.         What does the Catholic Church teach about respect for life?

3.         Bishop Emeritus Dale J. Melczek noted that, “God never stops loving us.” Talk about how that makes you feel.

4.         One of the attendees noted that while respect for life includes major issues, such as abortion or the death penalty, but at a basic level, it also includes how we treat each other. What are some things you can do to show your respect for others?

5.         What does it mean to have ‘compassion’ for others?



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1.         What makes the naming of Archbishop Joseph W. Tobin as a cardinal significant for the faithful of the state of Indiana?

2         How has Cardinal-elect Tobin made national news in the past?

3.         Cardinal-elect Tobin has asked for prayers. Take a minute as a class and say a prayer for him that the Holy Spirit might guide him going into the future.

4.         Talk about a couple of the more notable duties of a cardinal? Ask your teacher to help explain.

5.         What is a refugee? How has the cardinal-elect been faithful to the Church in this regard?



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1.         At this candlelight vigil, what did the candles represent?

2.         Is it ever okay to abuse another person physically, mentally or verbally? Why/why not?

3.         How does awareness of domestic violence fit with the observance of Respect Life Month?

4.         How does St. Jude House serve victims of domestic violence?

5.         Talk about why some find it difficult to leave their abusers?

6.         What would you do if you found yourself in a situation of domestic violence at the hands of a boyfriend/girlfriend?



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1.         What is the remarkable part of this story about teach Dianna Kopczyk?

2.         What does this say about the great influence Mrs. Kopczyk has had on her students?

3.         What is a ‘work ethic’ and why is it important to your future?

4.         Teachers work to instill more in their students than just book learning. Talk about what this means.

5.         Discuss teachers who have made an impression on you and inspired you to be better.



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1.         What does this story reveal about additional concerns for families in need?

2.         How do the people at Best Buddies serve this need?

3.         Do you have a pet? Do you see your pet as part of your family? Why/why not?

4.         Talk about how care for the lesser of God’s creatures also shows a respect for life?

5.         Consider, as a project, collecting food, treats and toys to donate to Best Buddies.

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