DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of October 23, 2016


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1.         “What is this “Grasta De!” event that is held annually?

2.         What was the theme of this year’s event held at Andrean High School?

3.         What made the relationship of the two speakers so unique?

4.         In what ways is this a real life story of forgiveness and reconciliation?

5.         Everyone has relationship in their lives that call for reconciliation. Talk about ways we might be able to change strained relationships through mercy and forgiveness.



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1.         Think about some ways “climate change” might affect our world’s food production and discuss.

2.         Ask your teacher to explain the term “economic commodity.” Why should we never allow the world’s supplies of food to become this?

3.         In this article, what does Pope Francis cite as areas of concern in profit-generated food production?

4.         In what ways do we waste food?

5.         As the pope suggests, to what extent do we contribute to the problem of “climate change”?



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1.         Why is Mount Nebo significant?

2.         What now exists at this site?

3.         Why should we all be concerned about preserving these historical sites?

4.         Why should we care about the past?

5.         Talk about what you know about Moses.



Page 10

1.         Talk about the meaning of the quote at the very beginning of this article: It is in the shelter of each other that the people live.”

2.         How important do you think it is to be present to someone, like a  grandparent, as they approach the end of life?

3.         Number six encourages people to provide opportunities for resolution. Think about it for a minute; is there anyone in your life with whom you have unresolved issues? Are there ways you can resolve these issues, knowing that only God knows when the end of life might come?

4.         Reminiscing is also suggested. Do you ever take the time (and effort) to reminisce with an elderly loved one? Why/why not?

5.         In this article by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, they speak of transition. What does this mean?



Page 11

1.         We are presently in the process of holding the first diocesan synod for our diocese. Discuss what a synod is. Ask your teacher to explain.

2.         In noting how beautiful Poland was during World Youth Day this past summer, Bishop Donald J. Hying noted that “Good has prevailed.” What previously had taken place in Poland and why did the bishop say what he did?

3.         What saint held a diocesan synod in Krakow in the late 1960s? What was its purpose?

4.         What are the eight areas of Church life Bishop Hying has asked us to reflect upon and discuss in our synod?

5.         The columnist notes that change in our Church most often comes from within and that young people are making a difference and shaping the future of our Church. Discuss.

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