DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of October 30, 2016


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1.       Along with the closing of Holy Trinity Parish, what else was noted by this Mass?

2.       Why has this parish been so special to the pastor, Father Alphonse Skerl?

3.       Seeing the closure of the parish was difficult for many old-time parishioners. Talk about this while discussing what it means to truly be a family of faith.

4.       What will happen to many of the beautiful fixtures from the church?

5.       When was this parish established and by whom?



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1.       Why do Catholics hold a belief in the resurrection of the Body?

2.       In what ways does that mean we need to hold the body as sacred, even after death?

3.       Do you think cremation would prevent the resurrection of the body? Why/why not?

4.       Why does the Church state that a scattering of ashes is forbidden?

5.       When we place the ashes of a loved one in a ‘sacred place,’ what does this signify?



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1.       Ask your teacher to explain what happened during the Protestant Reformation.

2.       How did this create a great divide in the Church? Who was the leader of the Reformation?

3.       What were the ’95 Theses’?

4.       What issue became the heart of the Reformation? Ask your teacher to explain what this term means.

5.       Did Martin Luther intend to split the Church? Instead, what happened?



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1.       Talk about the story of St. José Sánchez del Rio.

2.       In his homily that day, Bishop Donald J. Hying noted that, ‘God wants great things for us, but he wants great things from us.’ Discuss what this means.

3.       Because of his young age, how difficult do you think it was for St. Joselito to stand firm in his face?

4.       Talk about some examples where we might be called to stand up for what our Catholic beliefs teach.

5.       As a young person, discuss some ways you might be called to stand up for what is right.



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1.       What are the three Abrahamic religions and why are they called that?

2.       What does the term ecumenical mean? Ask your teacher to explain.

3.       What do you believe these three religions have in common?

4.       How did Bishop Donald J. Hying liken religion to a love story?

5.       When it comes to holding a respect for life, what do the three religions have in common?   

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