DISCUSSION GUIDE issue of November 13, 2016


Page 5

1.         What is a synod? Ask your teacher to explain if you don’t know.

2.         Which step was recently completed in our diocesan synod process? What was the purpose of this initial step? What is the next stop to take place in February?

3.         How is this synod allowing all the faithful in the diocese to have a voice in the future of our local Church? How does that make you feel?

4.         According to Bishop Donald J. Hying, what will be the ‘fruit’ of our synod?

5.         What is Bishop Hying’s deepest hope for the synod?



Page 7

1.         What is the ICC and what is the organization celebrating?

2.         In what way has the ICC been the voice of the Catholic Church in the public arena here in Indiana?

3.         How has the ‘school choice’ legislation addressed the needs of many in our state?

4.         Despite all the good work that has been done by the ICC, according to Glenn Tebbe, ICC executive director, what issues still remain to be tackled?

5.         What steps does the ICC take in making their voice, on our behalf, heard in government?



Page 8

1.         What did this group of black Catholic priests recently deliver to the University of Notre Dame library archives?

2.         What did these documents contain?

3.         Talk about why it is important to preserve history?

4.         What particular anniversary coincides with the delivery of these documents?

5.         There is a well-proven saying that ‘history repeats itself.’ Discuss what this means. How do we learn from our past?



Page 12

1.         Of what issue did the ‘Shine a Light’ vigil bring awareness?

2.         Doctors at the vigil stressed that early detection was important. Why?

3.         Lung cancer is a terrible disease and can be very deadly. What does this tell you about the dangers of smoking?

4.         According to experts, how many people are diagnosed with lung cancer every year?

5.         Why do you think some people would deliberately put themselves in harm’s way by continuing to smoke?



Page 13

1.         According to Deacon Mark Plaiss, how is the morning dew like God’s love for us?

2.         What parts of our lives might we not want God to touch? Why?

3.         Deacon Plaiss points out that God is God and he can touch anything he wants? How does that make you feel?

4.         The deacon quotes St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus in saying: ‘Jesus does not demand great deeds. All he wants is self-surrender and gratitude.’ Talk about what this means.

5.         Deacon Plaiss also talks of a garage sale of our spiritual lives. What does he mean?

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