DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of December 4, 2016


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1.         What does the word ‘advent’ mean in Latin? To whom does this refer in terms of the Church?

2.         We await the coming of Jesus in two ways. Explain.

3.         Archbishop Robert J. Carlson writes that Advent is a perfect time to practice acts of kindness. What is a random act of kindness?

4.         What are some of the things we might reflect upon during this season of Advent?

5.         Can you add any possible acts of kindness to Archbishop Carlson’s list? Discuss.



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1.         According to Pope Francis, what is ‘fear of the Lord?’

2.         The pope also suggests that God most reveals Godself through the simple things. Discuss.

3.         What is ‘theatrical humility?’

4.         What is true humility?

5.         How is charity more than ‘making a donation?’

6.         Talk about ways you might keep moving toward the Lord.



Page 3

1.         In what ways are people disrespectful to God’s creation?

2.         Do you think we have a right to do whatever we want to our environment? Why/why not?

3.         What does the phrase ‘common good’ mean?

4.         In terms of the environment, what does the word ‘sustainable’ mean? Ask your teacher to explain.

5.         Why do you think some don’t take climate changes seriously?



Page 10

1.         What did this first annual Black Tie/White Collar event celebrate and support?

2.         What is a seminarian and why is it important to support them?

3.         What is the Serra Club and for whom was it named?

4.         According to Jorge Lopez, what is one of the best ways you can support our seminarians?

5.         As a class, talk about projects you might undertake to support our seminarians.

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