DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of January 8, 2017


Page 3

1.         How did Andrean and Bishop Noll come together is a special way this past holiday season?

2.         What did this ‘Adopt-A-Family’ group focus on this time?

3.         In what ways does this project not only help those in need, but also brings the two schools closer together in a common mission?

4.         Stacia Bolakowski noted the project not only rewards the recipients, but also the givers. Discuss.

5.         Talk about a way your class might partner with a class from another school to help those in need.



Page 5

1.         What is an immigrant?

2.         In his column, Bishop Hying notes that we are a nation of immigrants. Talk about what this means.

3.         What are some of the reasons people might want/need to migrate from their home countries?

4.         Where did your ancestors come from?

5.         What symbolizes that our country welcomes people to our shores?

6.         Do you think anyone who wants to live in the U.S. should automatically be able to do so?

7.         What obligations does any country have to protect its borders?

8.         What is a reasonable compromise?



Page 8

1.         What is a missionary?

2.         What challenges did Bishop Edward J. Burns face when he served in Alaska?

3.         According to this article, what might Pope Francis be thinking when he appoints ‘missionary’ bishops to larger metropolitan areas, as he did Bishop Burns?

4.         Talk about what it means to be ‘pastoral’?

5.         When Pope Francis once said that priests/bishops need to acquire the “smell of the sheep,” what did he mean?



Page 12

1.         What is a pet therapy program?

2.         Talk about some of the different ways pets can offer comfort and assistance to people.

3.         Talk about your pet brings joy to your family.



Page 14

1.         What is a resolution and why do so many people try to make them at this time of year?

2.         Did you make a resolution this year? Share with your class.

3.         As this author suggests, explore the reason behind making your resolution.

4.         The author states that, “Life is about more than answering questions. . .(it’s) about taking action. What action(s) have you resolved to take to better your life this year?

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