DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of January 15, 2017


Page 1

1.         When parents take their children to be baptized, what are they asking of  God?

2.         In this story, Pope Francis said that parents have the responsibility of “guarding the faith given to their children.” What do you think this responsibility entails?

3.         How does the pope define faith?

4.         Listening to the cries of children in the crowd, the pope joked, “Let the concert begin.” How are the cries of child a joyous event in the life of the Church?

5.         What event marked the beginning of Jesus’ mission of salvation?

6.         How is “attraction to Christ” accomplished?



Page 3

1.         What, in your mind, is “racism?”

2.         How does racism serve to keep us divided as a nation, as a world.

3.         Is racism a sin only aimed at our black brothers and sisters? Discuss the wider scope of racism.

4.         Talk about some of the steps to combat racism, as suggested by Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory. At your age, which of these steps could you participate in?

5.         With your teacher’s permission, take 2-3 minutes of silence to reflect on how you view people who might appear “different” than you. Ask yourself how you might better work to rid the world of racism.



Page 5

1.         Bishop Donald J. Hying asks us to consider how we might extend the spirit of Christmas throughout the year. What are traits of Christmas that come to mind, such as “a giving spirit.”

2.         You think your loved ones spend enough time together throughout the year. What are the things that often get into the way of that quality time?

3.         Discuss ways your family and friends could make a habit of enjoying each other more.

4.         The bishop states that “faith is a deep, abiding trust in God’s love and concern for us.” Do you feel God’s love and concern for you? Why/Why not.

5.         What is the meaning of “unconditional” love?



Page 15

1.         What is “gratitude.”

2.         The author states that gratitude comes, not from what we have, but who we are. Discuss.

3.         What are “Dawn Blessings?”

4.         According to this column, in what way is the practice of gratitude not easy?

5.         As you look around you, what do you see that exemplifies the goodness of God in your life?



Page 18

1.         What were these marchers in Chicago trying to shed light on?

2.         Why do you think there seems to be increasing violence in our neighborhoods today?

3.         Father Michael Pfleger told this group that, “Peace does not just happen. Peace is created.” Talk about ways people can contribute to establishing peace, including young people.

4.         Is violence ever a solution? Is it ever a good idea to become involved in gang activity? Why/why not?

5.         What do you think God would say about violence in today’s world?

6.         Do you think many in our society lack a basic respect for life? What are your views on all aspects of life?

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