DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 1-22-17


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1.       According to this article, what has Pope Francis asked young people to do in

          preparation for an upcoming Synod of Bishops, which will focus on youth.

2.       As a young Catholic, how does it make you feel to know that the pope wants   your voice to be heard?

3.       In this “better world” to which Pope Francis refers, how do you envision it       to be?

4.       Have you ever felt that God has called you to a special vocation – a state of      life? Talk about this in class.

5.       As a class project, write a respectful letter to Bishop Hying expressing your     hopes for the Church and the struggles you face in your faith today. (Note to          catechists: please send these c/o the Diocesan Communications Department     – 9292 Broadway – Merrillville, Indiana 46410



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1.       What do we mean when we refer to the ‘common good’?

2.       In terms of our country and our new president, why is important that we look for common ground rather than continue to be divisive?

3.       What are some of the concerns of immigrant families?

4.       What are the basic principles of Catholic Social Teaching? Ask your teacher     to explain.

5.       Monsignor John Enzler is quoted as saying that ‘individuals can do much by           performing kind actions toward others.’ Discuss ways we can perform these     kind actions, no matter our age might be.

6.       Pope Francis is quoted as having said that ‘when people feel loved, they flourish and when they flourish, so does the country.’ Talk about what you       think this means.



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1.       What is terrorism? What is fundamentalism? Ask your teacher to help    explain.

2.       What is religious intolerance?

3.       Why is it important to be respectful of the faith and religion of others?

4.       Do you think God is sad and angry that acts of violence are being performed    in the name of religion? Discuss.

5.       As a class project, learn more about another faith tradition and find what that faith and Catholicism might hold in common.



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1.       Where did McDonald’s recently open one of its fast food restaurants?

2.       How is the restaurant hoping to help the local poor and hungry?

3.       According to our faith, do we have an obligation to take care of the poor and    feed the hungry? Discuss.

4.       The article acknowledges that the actions of this one restaurant are just a          ‘drop in the bucket’ in terms of the great need. However, because       McDonald’s is doing what it can to take care of the needs of these few, what         does this tell you about no matter how little your actions, you, too, can start       to help those in need?

5.       With your teacher’s approval, plan a project to help those who are hungry in   our area.



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1.       Talk about the meaning of a ‘culture of life?’

2.       What does the Catholic Church teach about the sanctity of life?

3.       Does this include all life or just some life? Discuss.

4.       Bishop Hying talks about the power of words. In what ways can our words      affirm or destroy?

5.       Think of a word, as the article suggests, that you use every day and reflect        on what that word truly means to you.

6.       What anniversary do we observe on January 23 and why is it sadly         significant to our culture?

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