DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 1-29-17


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1.       Do you think we focus too much on bad news today? Discuss.

2.       Pope Francis noted that problems of evil and great tragedies can inspire real solutions. Can you give an example of some good coming out of evil or disaster?

3.       Monsignor Dario Vigano is quoted as saying ‘struggles should open spaces of hope.’ Talk about what this means.

4.       Do you feel evil has ‘no limits?’ With whom does evil end?

5.       Where do we find our confidence in the face of such bad news?



Page 3

1.       The office of the president holds much power yet even greater responsibility to the people it serves. Discuss.

2.       What is DACA and what is its purpose?

3.       What do we mean when we refer to the ‘common good?’

4        According to this article, what does it mean to be ‘one nation under God?’

5.       What does Bishop Dwane Royster mean when he calls all people of faith to be a moral compass for the country?



Page 7

1.       What is the topic of this week’s article?

2.       What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ? What are the responsibilities?

3.       Read through the ideas presented. Is there something there that interests you? Something you might like to see done in your parish?

4.       Can you find anything that your class might undertake, such as communicating with college students from your parish?

5.       Come up with a plan from this and ask your pastor/deacon to visit your class so you might explain what you would like to do.



Page 13

1.       Talk about the role of a teacher.

2.       Are there teachers in life beyond those who work in schools? Make a list.

3.       Who has been inspirational as a teacher in your life and why?

4.       Did you know that teachers, themselves, continue to learn? What does that tell you about the importance of education?

5.       Did you know that teachers continue to do classwork outside of the classroom? What does that tell you about the dedication teachers have to teaching?



Page 20

1.       Where was this group headed this day and for what purpose?

2.       Where do we find violence in the world, our country and in our neighborhoods today?

3.       When Bishop Donald J. Hying told the crowd that: ‘Not only must laws be changed, but hearts must be transformed,’ what did the bishop mean?

4.       Can you share a time when you stood up for what you believed in?

5.       How can we become voices for those who have no voices?

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