DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of February 19, 2017


Page 1

1.         What is the sainthood cause this article discusses?

2.         After a thorough review, what was the judgment concerning Sister Lucia?

3.         How much material was gathered in this investigation? What did it include and where did it all end up?

4.         What is a Marian apparition? How did this take place at Fatima?

5.         What steps come next in Sister Lucia’s sainthood cause?



1.         What have the federal courts upheld concerning the travel ban imposed on predominantly Muslim countries?

2.         According to Bishop Joe Vasquez, what are the bishops of the United States dedicated to in regard to the current refugee situation?

3.         Talk about why refugees have always been a part of our American values and traditions.

4.         Do you think this ban would have discriminated on people based on their religion, as the courts have suggested? Why/Why not?

5.         Why would discrimination based on religion open a dangerous door?



Page 9

1.         What do Secular Franciscans commit to?

2.         What are the three steps in the formation process?

3.         What two saints do the Secular Franciscans study carefully? Why would they want to study their lives?

4.         What is a ‘calling?’

5.         Is God calling you to shine your light in the world? Discuss.



Page 11

1.         Do you think we have become a nation of bullies? Why/why not?

2.         In what ways have you witnessed adults showing bullying behavior?

3.         Do think you the actions of adults do have an effect on your own attitudes? Discuss.

4.         Do you think how you behave has an effect on younger children who might be watching? Talk about it.

5.         How hard is it to shrug off what we might consider an insult or offense?

6.         If we could do that more often, what effect do you think it might have on bringing more peace into our lives?



Page 13

1.         Who was Dorothy Day? Ask your teacher to explain.

2.         According to this writer, how did Dorothy Day show her respect for the person to whom she was talking?

3.         Day was firm in her belief in the dignity and worth of every single life. Talk about this.

4.         Give some examples of how many people are ‘unseen and unheard’ in today’s world

5.         Poet Maya Angelou said that “. . .people will never forget how you made them feel.” How did you make people feel today? Is there anything you regret?

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