DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of February 26, 2017


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1.         What season does Ash Wednesday mark the start of?

2.         What are the ashes on our foreheads a sign of and of what do those ashes remind us?

3.         What is the history of the use of ashes in our Church?

4.         What does it mean to ‘fast and abstain?’

5.         What sacrifice will you make for Lent this year?



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1.         What group of people is being affected by these government raids?

2.         What is an undocumented immigrant?

3.         What is DACA and what is its intent?

4.         What have the ‘border’ asked in dealing with those undocumented?

5.         Jesuit Father James Martin notes ‘Jesus says that how we care for the stranger is a kind of litmus test for whether we get into heaven.’ Discuss.



Page 3

1.         What does Pope Francis see as a first step toward holiness?

2.         Do you find it difficult to be merciful toward those you might not like? Discuss.

3.         Does it help if you think of an enemy as also being a beloved child of God? Why/why not?

4.         Does it shock you to know that, according to the pope, the same hatred you have in your heart for an enemy is the same hatred that has been known to start wars? Talk about it.

5.         Take a moment and pray for someone in your life that you might not like.



Page 8

1.         What comprises the ‘Paschal Mystery?’

2.         While none of us are in a hurry to die, as Christians, why shouldn’t we be afraid of death?

3.         When Father Gerald Schweitzer told his group that ‘We are an Easter people,’ what did he mean?

4.         According to Father Schweitzer, what did the image of Mary at the foot of Jesus’ cross signify for us?

5.         Talk about ways relationships are important in our lives.



Page 11

1.         What is the prayer Officer Marlene Starcevich prays each morning?

2.         How does the career path she chose fulfill what she wanted to do in life?

3.         In what ways do you think the study and development of Christian beliefs and values has helped her in her job?

4.         While Officer Starcevich pray at the start of every call, she also prays at the end. Why should we always remember to give thanks to God?

5.         Do you often turn to God for guidance? Why/why not?

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