DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of March 5, 2017

Page 1

1.         What do you think are some of the reasons young people have abandoned their faith?

2.         Talk about what it means to have a ‘Catholic identity.’

3.         What is the purpose of this recent grant from Lilly Endowment?

4.         Talk about ways young people might be encouraged to once again practice their faith.

5.         Do you have a ‘life of prayer?’ Explain.



1.         What liturgy did Bishop Hying preside at on February 26?

2.         When will the Elect receive their sacraments of initiation?

3.         What are the sacraments of initiation?

4.         What was this group of people called before the bishop declare the ‘Elect?’

5.         Have you ever felt ‘called’ by God? Talk about it.



Page 3

1.         What was recently discovered?

2.         Why has this discovery been especially exciting?

3.         What is the ‘Goldilocks’ sweet spot?

4.         Do you think it’s likely there might be life on other planets? What forms might that life take?

5.         Where does the ‘Trappist-1’ designation come from?

6.         According to Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno, director of the Vatican Observatory, how is the question of life beyond Earth a matter of faith?



Page 8

1.         According to this article, do people of the Muslim faith condone violence? What makes some feel otherwise?

2.         What is the meaning of Islam?

3.         What is the Quran? What is it comparable to in the Christian faith?

4.         What are the five pillars of the Muslim faith?

5.         Why do you think some people try to use religion to justify violence?



Page 17

1.         According to Deacon Mark Plaiss, what is the object of being holy?

2.         Using his analogy, what happens when we sin?

3.         In what ways does God help us to be holy?

4.         Why has Jesus given us his body and blood in the Eucharist?

5.         What does Deacon Plaiss tell us about what it means to be holy? Does it mean we would always be perfect?

6.         Do you have trust that, if we let him, God will always ‘shoot’ us where he thinks it is necessary for us to be? Discuss.

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