DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of March 12, 2017


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1.            Why should we make Lent an opportunity for greater prayer?

2.            Talk about some of the prayer opportunities your parish is offering this Lent.

3.            Which of these opportunities can you make a commitment to take advantage of? Ask your family members to join you.

4.            According to Father John Richards, what should our focus in the first half of Lent focus upon? Of what should we focus on in the second half?

5.            To what actions of Jesus are we called to respond?

6.            Does sitting with God in silence make you uneasy? Why/why not?

7.            Talk about ways you might carve a few minutes of silence in your busy lives to sit with God.



1.            What is a support group?

2.            What is this new ministry sponsored by the Office of Youth and Young Adults?

3.            What is their focus?

4.            Would you be comfortable talking about your faith with young people your age? Why/not?

5.            In small groups, for five minutes talk about what God means to you personally.



Page 3

1.            According to Father Larry Rice, what is the real challenge of Lent?

2.            What does Lent prepare us for>

3.            What is the Paschal Mystery? Ask your teacher to explain.

4.            What are the three pillars of Lent?

5.            What does Father Rice mean when he says, “The cross of Jesus is not giving up chocolate for Lent. It’s changing your story.”



Page 10

1.            Read the story of the Israelites in Exodus. From whom were they feeling and why?

2.            According to Pope Francis, what are Christians called to experience?

3.            In what ways is Lent a time of hope?

4.            What is the Promised Land we anticipate entering thanks to Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross?

5.            Like the Israelites, what do we strive to escape?



Page 11

1.            What is the work of Catholic Relief Services (CRS)?

2.            Most recently, how has CRS helped out in India?

3.            What is a ‘best practice’? Ask your teacher to explain.

4.            Talk about the concept of ‘sustainability.’

5.            What is the Rice Bowl project that is sponsored by CRS? Is there a way your class might contribute to Rice Bowl?

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