DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of March 19, 2017


Page 1

1.         What is the Affordable Care Act?

2.         Do you think affordable healthcare should be available to all people, regardless of their income level? Why/why not?

3.         Why is it important that all people have access to healthcare?

4.         What would happen if only the wealthy were able to buy health insurance?

5.         What provisions of a healthcare act would the U.S. Bishops not support?



Page 3

1.         What did this global forum focus upon?

2.         Do you think women should have a stronger voice in the Church? Why/why not?

3.         Jesuit Father Arturo Soso Abascal states that nothing is impossible for God. How does that make you feel, especially when you pray?

4.         Do you think that women are better peacemakers than men at times? Discuss.

5.         What is exploitation? Talk about who are those most exploited in our world today.



Page 8

1.         In what ways is Lent considered a journey? Ask your teacher to explain.

2.         What recent event is the focus of this article?

3.         What was the purpose of this event?

4.         How have you sacrificed during Lent this year? Share.

5.         Talk about things you can do as a family during this season to bring you closer to God.



Page 13

1.         Who was St. Joseph?

2.         Do you even experience that “still, small voice within?” What does that voice tell you most often?

3.         Why did Joseph, Mary and Jesus flee Bethlehem?

4.         In what ways did that make them no different than the refugees we hear about on the news today?

5.         As the author asks in the first paragraph, who is St. Joseph to you?



Page 14

1.         Read this Sunday’s Gospel out loud. (John 4:5-42)

2.         According to the author, why is the setting and what transpire odd?

3.         The woman seems to be thirsty, but what does Jesus offer her instead of water from the well?

4.         Do you ever experience a “want” but it never seems to satisfy once you have it? Explain.

5.         By the end of this passage, how did this woman become an evangelizer of the Word of God?

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