DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of March 26, 2017

Page 1

1.         Discuss what it means to be a person with ‘special needs.’

2.         Talk about some of the specials needs any variety of people might have.

3.         Should a person with special needs be respected as a child of God any less than someone who is deemed as ‘normal?’ Why/why not?

4.         In what ways did the other-abled participate in this special Mass at Holy Angels Cathedral?

5.         How does it make you feel to know that you are important to God?



Page 8

1.         What is almsgiving?

2.         According to this story, how is Washington D.C. resident Ron Van Bellen participating in almsgiving this Lent?        

3.         How does Bellen go one step further than just feeding the homeless?

4.         In what ways is the homeless population most vulnerable?

5.         As discussed, how would a day resource center aid the homeless?

6.         Talk about ways you might ‘sacrifice and serve our brothers and sisters.’



Page 10

1.         What is a Paschal candle? What does it symbolize?

2.         What role does the Paschal candle play at the Easter Vigil?

3.         What are two other times during the year, besides the Easter season, that the Paschal candle is lit?

4.         What kind of wax is used for the creation of Paschal candles?

5.         What are some of the details of the candle that call for the work of a craftsman?

6.         Talk about what the symbols on a Paschal candle mean.



Page 11

1.         What is this newly developed educational tool call ‘Piece-By-Piece?’

2.         What prize did these Evansville high school students win?

3.         What was the intent of their project?

4.         How does this game work?

5.         Have you ever been bullied? How did it make you feel?



Page 17

1.         According to this article, what frightens Pope Francis?

2.         Why do these things have the power to hurt people every day?

3.         The pope said that the seeds of wickedness lie within every person. Give some examples of wickedness that you see in the world today.

4.         What is gossip and why is it often so easy to engage in it?

5.         Discuss how amazing it is that God is always willing to forgive us our sins.

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