DICCUSSION GUIDE Issue of April 2, 2017


Page 2

1.         What tragedy recently happened in London?

2.         What do you think is the cause of the great violence we are seeing in the world today?

3.         Do you think God would want any of us to kill in his name? Why/why not?

4.         Think about the response of the Church in this instance. Instead of calling for revenge, Cardinal Vincent Nichols called for people to pray. What does this say about people of faith?

5.         Cardinal Nichols said: “…faith in God is not a problem to be solved, but a strength and a foundation on which (we) depend.” What did he mean?



Page 3

1.         What is an atheist?

2.         What are some of the earthly ‘idols’ we worship?

3.         Pope Francis states that not listening to God’s voice in our lives can lead to a distancing from him, including much doubt and confusion. Do you actively listen for God’s voice in your life? Explain.

4.         The pope cautions that we shouldn’t confuse God with the devil. Talk about this. Ask your teacher to explain.

5.         What is “blasphemy”? Ask your teacher to explain.



Page 5

1.         In his column, Bishop Donald J. Hying notes that his friend who recently died was a physician, and he believed that every person has a call and a responsibility to ‘help Christ heal the world.’ Give examples of where you think our world needs healing.

2.         Talk about the ways Doctor White integrated faith, spirituality and medicine.

3.         Do you think this approach to one’s life calling, no matter what it might be, is to be something one should aim to achieve? Do you think it’s possible?

4.         Talk about the different areas you might feel called to as a vocation/career. How might you bring faith and spirituality into your calling?

5.         How does a deeply formed faith in God help bring peace to one’s end of life?

6.         Even as a young person, what can you do now to help ‘heal’ the world?



Page 9

1.         What event recently took place at St. Francis Xavier in Lake Station?

2.         Who won the event?

3.         According to Lucia Bim Merle, what are some of the benefits of the Catechism Bowl?

4.         What is the Catholic Catechism and what type of material does it contain?

5.         Name the six sins against the Holy Spirit. If you can’t, look for them in the catechism.



Page 14

1.         What is the basic meaning of ‘telos?’

2.         What is the telos of Christianity?

3.         In our 21st century, how is one able to experience the resurrection?

4.         Deacon Mark Plaiss states that, ‘Only God can convert.’ If that is true, what, then, is our job as believers?

5.         Have you ever experienced that ‘mystical kiss’ of God and did it make you hunger for more? Did you have even a brief moment of feeling God in your life? Talk about it.

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