DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of April 23, 2017


Page 1

1.         Name the two significant rituals that are part of the annual Chrism Mass?

2.         Name the three Holy Oils and explain the use of each.

3.         What does it mean to just ‘go through the motions? Do you believe that our God deserves more? Discuss.

4.         When Bishop Donald J. Hying stated: ‘The Church is about mission, not maintenance,’ what did he mean?

5.         Talk about how God may be calling you to serve.



Page 3

1.         What is a Marian apparition? Ask your teacher to explain.

2.         Name the three children involved in this apparition at Fatima.

3.         What does Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins say is fundamentally necessary for beatification? Ask your teacher to explain what this means.

4.         What was the one incident involving the children that convinced the cardinal of their holiness?

5.         How hard must it and how deep one’s faith would be to prefer death rather than a lie about something as this apparition of the Blessed Mother? Discuss.



Page 10

1.         What does it mean to be mortal?

2.         According to this article, what does every human being hold in common?

3.         As Catholics, what do we believe happens when we die?

4.         How scary do you think the concept of death must be for those who do not believe in eternal life?

5.         What are some of the ways people approaching death can be prepared?



Page 11

1.         What is the ‘Via Crucis?’

2.         What service did this French Biblical scholar recent perform at the request of Pope Francis?

3.         What was her intent upon writing these Stations of the Cross?

4.         How was all humankind ‘complicit’ in the suffering and death of Jesus?

5.         Think about how Jesus, fully man and fully God, lowered himself to enter human flesh in order to bring salvation to the world. What does this say about God’s love for all of God’s people?



Page 14

1.         Why do you think we so often offer excuses? Talk about an excuse you gave a parent or teacher lately.

2.         When this author writes, “Our responses (excuses) are planned in our minds based on the potential responses we might receive,’ what does he mean?

3.         What is the alternative to offering excuses?

4.         According to this column, what are some of the effects of being honest?

5.         Do you believe there is such a thing as being too honest? Talk about it.

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