DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of May 7, 2017


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1.            “The single most important influence on the religious and spiritual lives of adolescents is their parents.” Do you agree or disagree? Talk about how your parents have influenced your faith.

2.            What does it mean to ‘walk’ with someone. What does it mean in the context of faith?

3.            Later in the story it is noted that we only fully belong to God. Discuss.

4.            Talk about the ‘Mad, Sad, Glad’ model. How could you implement this sort of exercise at your dinner table?

5.            Why is it important that, as a young Catholic, you are instilled with an ethical code? What does this mean and how will it serve you later in life?



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1.            What is ‘fanaticism?’ In a religious context, do you believe this is what God wants from us? Why/why not?

2.            According to Pope Francis, to what does ‘true faith’ call us?

3.            Read the Emmaus Gospel out loud in class. (Luke 24:13-35)

4.            Like the disciples in this Gospel, what are the ways Christians become unable to recognize the true face of God?

5.            Talks about ways it’s hard to have hope in the world we live in. Now talk about the ways that we find God and hold unto hope.



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1.            Who was John F. Kennedy and how did he die?

2.            What makes him so notable to Catholics?

3.            Do you believe that being Catholic should disqualify someone from being president? Why/why not?

4.            What is ‘communism’? Ask your teacher to explain.

5.            What does it mean to have an ‘insatiable curiosity?’



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1.            Why should young people be a top priority when considering the future of our Church?

2.            What is a ‘synod’ and what is its purpose?

3.            One suggestion that has come out of synod discussions is that parishes should offer more activities for young people. What activities would you like to see offered in your parish?

4.            What would you like to see coming from your parish in terms of social media?

5.            Go through this list of ideas and, as a class, choose one and offer it to your pastor as something you would like to see in your parish.



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1.            What is the environment?

2.            As part of his creation, do you think God expects that we should protect the environment?

3.            How has our environment been negatively impacted in recent times?

4.            Make a list of things you, as a young person, can do to protect the environment?


Note to discussion guide users: This will be our last discussion guide for the school year. Be sure to check back when we resume publication of the guide on September 24.

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