DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of September 24, 2017


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1.         What was the purpose of the Mass Bishop Donald J. Hying celebrated at Holy Angels Cathedral on September 9?

2.         Talk about incidents of hatred and racism you’ve seen in the news recently.

3.         What is the story of St. Peter Claver, on whose feast this Mass was celebrated, and why was it so relevant to do so on this date?

4.         Do you believe that all people are precious in God’s eyes? Why/why not?

5.         What is one thing you can do to bring peace to the world, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant?


Nativity Students

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1.         What was the purpose of this Western fundraiser, and how much money was collected?

2.         Think about all you have in your life. How do you think it must feel to then lose everything in almost a blink of an eye?

3.         What does this event say about the ability of young people to create good in the world?

4.         Kennedy Bandy, who came up with the idea, is quoted as saying that, “Part of our religion is to contribute to other people who need something, as best as we can.” Talk about ways you can “give,” even in ways to don’t call for the giving of money.

5.         Talk about ways your class might adopt a cause and help those in need.



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1.         Who are the people involved in this story?

2.         What took place at the Stone of Unction?

3.         What is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? Ask your teacher to explain.

4.         Wounded soldiers certainly need to heal physically, but what kinds of emotionally healing do they also need?

5.         What is the end-purpose of this group?




1.         What did Ambrose Haas and his fellow cyclists hope to achieve?

2.         What is the mission of Journey of Hope?

3.         Besides raising money, what else did this group do?

4.         Why was this trip especially relevant for Haas?

5.         Drawing on his Catholic background, what gave his trip a deeper meaning and realization?



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1.         Read this weekend’s Gospel out loud in class: Matthew20:1-16a.

2.         In Jesus’ time, how did people perceive day laborers?

3.         Why were slaves given more honor than day laborers?

4.         Do we have people in our time who struggle to make a living wage? Describe what you think we mean when we talk about making a “living wage.”

5.         Father Scalf notes that the landowner perhaps kept his workers under control to humiliate and degrade them. Do you think people today who struggle to make ends meet feel humiliated and degraded? Discuss.

6.         In the Gospel, when Jesus tells us the last will become first, what does he          mean?

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