DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of October 1, 2017

Discussion guide users: The Northwest Indiana Catholic did not publish on Oct. 8. The following is the guide from the issue of Oct. 1. Look for the new guide for the issue of Oct. 15 next weekend.



Page A8

1.       What is Boys Town and who founded it?

2.       What does it mean to you to have a sense of security?

3.       What does it mean to be a ‘visionary?’ Ask your teacher to help explain. Do you think Father Flannigan was a visionary? Why/why not?

4.       Father Flannigan believed that if children were raise to feel loved with a sense of purpose, there would be no need for reform schools. Do you agree? Discuss.

5.       Talk about how important it is for people to feel loved in the world.

6.       How important is it for children to have a real sense of family? What role does family play in the lives of children?



Page A11

1.       What does it mean to have hope?

2.       Why does Pope Francis tell us that we should never despair, no matter how difficult life becomes?

3.       One of the points Pope Francis mentions is, ‘Wherever you are, build!’ Talk about what he might mean by this.

4.       He also says we should ‘dream of a world still not seen.’ What world still not seen do you dream about?

5.       ‘Don’t listen to those who spread hatred and division.’ What happens when we are constantly bombarded by people who speak hateful things? What  should we do in those cases?



Page B16

1.       Talk about ways you have heard others are helping the hurricane victims.

2.       Andrean High School used this hurricane season to learn. What are some of the things you didn’t know about a hurricane?

3.       How has the school reached out to victims to show that they haven’t been forgotten?

4.       Is there something your class/parish can do to help students in these hurricane areas? See if you can create a plan.

5.       What does the term ‘faith in action’ mean?



Page B18

1.       What does it mean to be obedient?

2.       Who are some of the people in your life to whom you are obedient?

3.       Read this weekend’s Gospel out loud in class (Matt 21:28-32). Which son do you think was the most obedient and why?

4.       Do you believe that God expects more of us than just sitting in church for an hour on Sunday? Why?

5.       Talk about ways you sometimes find it hard to be obedient.



Page B20

1.       How did the Young Adult Ministry in this author’s parish save his life?

2.       What does it mean to become overwhelmed? Can you share a time when you felt overwhelmed?

3.       In what ways is your parish a source of support for people who need help?

4.       Would you reach out to someone for support if you were feeling overwhelmed? Why/why not?

5.       Talk about a time you might have felt awkward in a new group of people? What broke the ice for you at that time? What did you learn about others?

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