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1.         What is theme of this year’s Respect Life month?

2.         In your view, what does it mean when the Church tells us we have a responsibility to respect all life?        

3.         What are some ways people fail to respect life?

4.         Does respect for life only apply to humans? Explain why or why not.

5.         Talk about the story Bishop Donald J. Hying related regarding a basketball team he was once on. What lesson was learned?



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1.         What does ‘evangelization’ mean? Ask your teacher to explain.

2.         Why do you think people leave the Church today?

3.         Do you think God calls us each to be an active participant at Mass? Talk about some of the ways you can more fully participate at Mass.

4.         What are ‘charisms,’ and who is responsible for bringing us these special graces?

5.         What charism (s) do you believe God has given to you?

6.         How can you use your gifts/charisms to bring people to a better relationship with God?



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1.         Our diocesan synod was held this past June. What emerged as the top priority?

2.         Why do you think engaging young adults is so important for the life of our Church?

3.         Do you feel you are an important part of your church? Do you feel your voice is heard when it comes to engaging young people in the life of the Church?

4.      Deacon Jeff Burton stated that ‘community’ is important to young Catholics. What can your parish do to provide more opportunities for age group to build community? Share your best idea with your pastor and be sure to tell him that you are will to implement it.



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1.         What is a ‘brain game’?

2.         Have you ever thought about exercising your brain? What would be some ways you can do that, even at your young age?        

3.         What is a critical thinking skill? Ask your teacher to help explain.

4.         What is dementia? Have you ever known anyone with dementia? What are the symptoms?

5.         Do you agree that, with today’s instantaneous technology, if becomes harder to focus?

6.         Talk about some of the ways this speaker suggests to exercise the brain.



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1.         The author suggests that youth ministry should be more than pizza and fun activities; it should be about helping young people build a relationship with Christ. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

2.         What are some of the components that go into building relationships?

3.         Talk about some ways you can start building a deeper relationship with Jesus.

4.         According to the author, what is the most important thing youth leaders can do with young people?

5.         What are common reactions to tragedies? What does the author suggest that we do? What do you do when you are angry, frightened or confused and anxious? Who do you talk to?

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