DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 10-29-17


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1.     Why does the Catholic Church consider all life to be sacred and worthy of  basic dignity?

2.     Why do you believe the death penalty was originally used?

3.     According to Pope John Paul II in 1995, why is that reason no longer valid?

4.     One of the reasons many oppose the death penalty is that it takes away the possibility that a person, over time, will repent and make peace with God.


5.     Do you find it hard to foster a respect for all life, even those on Death Row?

        Is a class, pray for those who are now in prison, asking God to transform their lives and their hearts. Pray for those who might not be in prison, but are on wrong paths, especially our young people.



Page 15

1.     What do we mean when we say that death is something we all have in common?

2.     What tends to scare us the most about death?

3.     According to Bishop Donald J. Hying, how did death enter the world?

4.     The bishop stated: ‘(Through Jesus), death becomes for us the secret passage to eternal life. Discuss.

5.     The bishop also said that from the perspective of ‘being on the other side,’  death is a homecoming. What do you think he meant?

6.     Who is always on the other side of death waiting for us?



Page 24

1.     What is grief? Is grief a normal reaction to the loss of a loved one?

2.     For those watching a loved one move toward death during a long illness, when can the grieving process start?

3.     Have you ever lost someone you loved, such as a grandparent? What feelings did you have?

4.     Through the grieving process, when we let go of a loved one in death, as Christians, into whose hands do we believe we place them in?

5.     What do we mean when we say that the reality of death is universal?



Page 12

1.     What does the cross at the center of this story memorialize?

2.     What decision did a federal appeals court make about this cross?

3.     What does the First Amendment of the Constitution have to say about religion and government?

4.     Judge Gregory, the only judge who opposed the ruling, said that the ‘government is not required by the First Amendment to purge from the  public sphere any reference to religion.’ Do you agree or disagree?

5.     What does freedom of religion mean to you?



Page 8

1.     According to this article, how do we best prepare for death?

2.     What is a conscience?

3.     What does a well-formed conscience all us to do?

4.     Because our very lives are gifts from God, how should we care for our lives in gratitude to our Creator?

5.     Talk about some behaviors that would disrespect our lives and Creator?

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