DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of November 5, 2017


Page 14

1.            What project did Nicholas Wilson undertake and why?

2.            How did this project honor the dead?

3.            One of the Corporal Works of Mercy calls us to ‘Bury the Dead.’ Think of one way you can fulfill the spirit of this command.

4.            Why do we continue to honor our loved ones after they have died?

5.            What type of skills do you think are necessary to pull together a project such as this?



Page 16

1.            In today’s culture, do you think it is unusual for an actor, musician, etc. to feel so strongly about his/her faith?

2.            What are some of the things that might keep us from actively proclaiming our Catholicism?

3.            In what ways does Mark Wahlberg show he takes his faith seriously?

4.            There was a time when his faith wasn’t as important to him. Talk about those times.

5.            Wahlberg completely turned his life around. What does that tell you about new beginnings being always possible?

6.            According to Wahlberg, what was his biggest mistake in life?

7.            How do you actively participate in the Church, even at your age?



Page 17

1.            What is ‘financial’ literacy? Ask your teacher to explain.

2.            Why do you think it’s important to learn, even at a young age, how to handle money responsibly?

3.            Talk about some of the products students worked to improve. What suggestions would you have offered?

4.            What is the difference, as defined in this article, between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’?

5.            List some of the expenses that must come out of your family’s monthly income? Which are needs and which are wants?



1.            Who did the Pope speak to in this special call?

2.            Flight engineer Joseph Acaba told Pope Francis that ‘the diversity of each individual . . . makes the team stronger. What lesson does that teach us all?

3.            What do you think would happen if we all started to embrace and respect the gifts of all others?

4.            Do you ever look at the beauty of the sky at night and think about our Creator? Describe the experience.

5.            Another of the astronauts commented that “love was the force that moves the sun and the stars.” Talk about this.



1.            What special feast day did we celebrate on November 1?

2.            Did you ever wonder why God created you and for what purpose? Discuss.

3.            Relate the story of Blesses Chiara Badano, as talked about in this story.

4.            Do you believe in God’s ‘immense love’ for you? Why/why not?

5.            In what ways did Blessed Chiara bring God’s love to others?

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