DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 11-12-17


Page 7

1.         What landmark anniversary was being celebrated in this story?

2.         What do skeletons have to do with this story?

3.         What has having a detailed history of their past allowed this parish

         congregation to do?

4.         Are you interested in history? What does history teach us?

5.         What are the two ‘crown jewels’ of this 150-year-old church?



Page 8

1.         Have you started to think about your choices once you graduate from high

         school? What could those choices include?

2.         What special event did Andrean High School recently sponsor and what was

         the purpose?

3.         What skills were taught that day to help students to improve in the


4.         What skills might you begin to improve on to better prepare you for high

         school, college and/or the working world?

5.         What dreams do you have that you would like to pursue? Share with your




Page 10

1.         What made this story unique?

2.         Ministry coordinator Clarence O’Connor made noted that it is important to

         remind those incarcerated that God loves them. Do you agree? Disagree?

         Why/why not?

3.         How did Bishop Donald J. Hying define ‘hope’?

4.         Do you think people, even those in prison, can find forgiveness and change

         their lives? How?

5.         Michael Petitto, an inmate of the prison, is quoted as saying, ‘Everyone

         makes mistakes; what you do after determines who you are.’ Explain what

         he might have meant.



Page 11

1.         The writer suggests that we all are hungry for a with God. Do you

         agree? Why?

2.         Do you believe everyone longs to be loved? Do you believe that God

         passionately loves you? Why?

3.         In what ways might we better seek God?

4.         What is Original Sin?

5.         In our culture, what makes it easy for us to sometimes forget God?



Page 13

1.         Who do we honor on Veterans’ Day?

2.         Is someone in your family a veteran? Tell you class about him or her?

3.         Who was Father Joseph Verbis Lafleur? What honor was finally bestowed

         on him?

4.         What heroic deed is attributed to Father Lafleur?

5.         What is your definition of a hero? Who is a hero in your life?

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