DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 12-3-17


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1.       What does NCYC stand for?

2.       How many teens from around the country attended this event?

3.       For many of the teens, what was their favorite time of the weekend?

4.       According to Father Greg Bim-Merle, what does the sacrament of reconciliation allow us to feel?

5.       One of the participants learned that “no is a love word.” What do you think this means?

6.       Do you think you would enjoy attending and participating in this special weekend, which is held every two years? Why/why not?



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1.       What tragedy recently happened in Egypt?

2.       What made this event especially monstrous?

3.       Who was behind the attack?

4.       Do you think it is a good idea for us to not only pray for the victims, but also those who perpetrate violence? Discuss.

5.       Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo is quoted as saying, “Terrorist acts can never be justified in the name of God.” How are terrorist attacks really acts of cowardness?



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1.       For what event does the season of Advent help us prepare?

2.       According to Bishop Donald J. Hying, what does the season allow us to do?

3.       The bishop writes that God comes to us – speaks to us – in the quiet. Do you ever spend time with God in silence? Talk about your experience.

4.       Think about it: At Christmas, we celebrate that God himself entered human history. Why did God feel a need to do this?

5.       During Advent, how will you get ready for the coming of the Lord Jesus this year?



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1.       Who was Blessed Solanus Casey?

2.       What happened on Nov. 18 that involved this holy man?

3.       What was Blessed Solanus known for?

4.       During his life, how did this humble friar serve the Church?

5.       It was said that Blessed Solanus was “slow in his studies.” What does this   tell us about the road to sainthood for ordinary people?

6.       What was the miracle that raised this man to the level of beatification? What is the irony in this miracle?



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1.       What color do priests wear at Mass during Advent?

2.       According to this story, what was God’s first miracle?

3.       Why is it fitting that we light candles – the Advent wreath – during this season. What does it represent?

4.       What part did light play in the Jesus’ resurrection?

5.       How can you spread your “light” during this Advent season?

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