DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 12-10-17



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1.         What happened in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012?

2.         Do you think there are too many guns in the U.S. today? Why/why not?

3.         Monsignor Robert Weiss is quoted as saying that just about all those inflicting mass murder have been proven to have mental issues. What are          some of the reasons that mental illness is on the rise in our society today?

4.         How has the stress of Sandy Hook affected Msgr. Weiss?

5.         What do you think it means when it’s said that “the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior.”

6.         Do you believe gun laws in our country should be tightened?

7.         What do you think Jesus would say about gun violence?



Page 1

1.         Where did Pope Francis travel on his latest trip? Find it on a map or globe.

2.         The pope said that “there are many enemies of harmony,” and that one of the deadliest, most common, enemies is “gossip.” What does it mean to gossip?

3.         What is harmony?

4         How does gossip have the power to destroy harmony?

5.         What does Pope Francis say we should do when tempted to gossip?

6.         Why do you believe we are called to be joyful as Christians? How might we do that?



Page 3

1.         What is a vocation?

2.         Does having a vocation only mean to the priesthood or religious life?

3.         Do you believe we are all called to serve God in some way? Talk about it.

4.         What are the things in life that can drown out the voice of God?

5.         The pope thinks we are “overstimulated and bombarded.” Do you think here is such a thing as too much information? Discuss.

6.         Do you, at your young age, have any initial thoughts about your vocation in life? Share.



Page 5

1.         What is known as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere? Find this country on a map or globe.

2.         Despite the extreme poverty of this country, how were the bishop and his fellow-travelers shown great hospitality?

3.         Can you imagine how hard it would be to exist on only $1 per day? Talk about it.

4.         What is this “twinning partnership” that the bishop writes about?

5.         How does this relationship show that we are united with people so far away? What does this say about our Christianity?



Page 7

1.         What is Sharing Meadows?

2.         What experience does the Sharing Meadows community give to other-abled adults?

3.         Do you believe all people deserve respect and a feeling of self-worth, even if we view them as somewhat different than we are?

4.         How does Sharing Meadows foster that feeling of self-worth?

5.         How has Kathleen Kelly made this her vocation in life?

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