DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 12-17-17


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1.         What feast does the Church celebrate on Dec. 12?

2.         Who did the Blessed Mother appear to and what made that remarkable?

3.         What was the miracle at the heart of this story?

4.         What is a tilma and what happened to the one belonging to Juan Diego?

5.         As a result of this miracle, what happened to the people in Mexico?



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1.         According to Pope Francis, what does Advent give us the opportunity to do?

2.         What are some of the rough edges in your life that need smoothing?

3.         In what way are you preparing for the coming of the Lord this year?

4.         What is a sin of omission? Ask your teacher to help explain.

5.         What is our ‘common home?’ What responsibility do we have to maintain it?



Page 14

1.         Break into small groups and talk about one of the feasts of Christmas. What significance do they hold?

2.         What role did Mary play in the coming of the Lord Jesus?

3.         How do you imagine Jesus as a baby; as a young child; as a teenager?

4.         What does the word ‘Epiphany’ mean?

5.         What special characteristics are associated with Jesus’ kingship?



Page 16

1.         What is the purpose of the St. Francis Center?

2.         Who does the center serve?

3.         What is the ultimate goal of this special program?

4.         What is the meaning of discipline beyond the notion of punishment? What does it mean to have discipline in your life?

5.         Why do you think that it’s important for us to have discipline as part of our formation?



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1.         Do you think it’s important to have ministries in our parishes that work to have young people more involved in the Church?

2.         What talent of skill – at your age- could you contribute to your parish?

3.         Do you think it’s important for young people to continue to learn about the faith beyond confirmation? Why/why not?

4.         Beyond your parents and family members, who is a faith role model for you in your life?

5.         How can you model your faith to those who are younger than you?

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