DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 1-12-18


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1.      Who were the Magi?

2.      What Church feast centers around them?

3.      Why were they seeking Jesus?

4.      When Pope Francis says the reason no one else seemed to see and follow the star, it was because few people raised their eyes to heaven. The pope didn’t mean this literally. What do you think he meant? In what ways do we fail to raise our eyes to heaven?

5.      In this story of the Epiphany, who fears losing his power? As a result, what does he try to do?



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1.      Make a list of those who are affected by extremely cold weather.

2.      In what ways do these people suffer?

3.      What are some of the resources communities provide?

4.      Is there anything your class can do to ease the suffering of those suffering from the cold? Discuss.

5.      Invite someone from a local St. Vincent de Paul society to come and talk about their work to your class.



Page 3

1.      What is ‘net neutrality?’ Ask your teacher to explain.

2.      What service does the Internet open up to people?

3.      Do you think access to the Internet should only be open to everyone?

4.      What does the term ‘public domain’ mean?

5.      How would the Internet be connected to our freedom of speech?

6.      Do you think it’s fair, as this FCC ruling could play out, that the Internet would just be open to those with wealth and power?



Page 7

1.      Who are the clients of the St. Paul Clothing Center?

2.      What ‘miracle’ does Nancy Gunter, manager of the center, refer to early in this article?

3.      What are some of the various articles people in need might find at  the center?

4.      In what ways is the center a true ministry to others?

5.      How does the clothing center help people, especially in cases of extreme weather?



Page 12

1.      What is Catholic Social Teaching? Ask your teacher to explain.

2.      What are the two ways the LaPorte Catholic Community recently live out Catholic Social Teaching?

3.      What is an ultrasound machine?

4.      Why are these machines important?

5.      Do you believe all people are worthy of dignity and respect? Discuss as a class.

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