DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 1-26-18


Page 1

1.       According to President Trump, why should our country defend the right to life? How is this right tied to our government?

2.       What was the theme of this year’s March for Life? Talk about the theme.

3.       Is it enough to say we are against abortion, the killing of an unborn child? What are some of the ways we should be working to help support women       and men who choose to keep their child?

4.       What landmark decision does the annual March for Life mark?

5.       As a class, make a list of other ‘life’ issues we need to be aware of if we are to claim we are ‘pro-life.’

6.       Who is the creator of all life?



Page 3

1.       When you have a difficult decision to make, do you stop and ask yourself, “What would Jesus do in my place?”

2.       Do you believe young people have a responsibility to carry on the Catholic faith in their lives? How and why?

3.       Do you believe that young people have the power to transform our Church? How and why?

4.       Who is the ‘fire’ in our lives, and what does that fire keep alive within us?

5.       What is evangelization? Name some ways young people can evangelize.



Page 8

1.       What is the purpose of the environmental ministry at Nativity of Our Savior parish?

2.       What is the environment?

3.       What does the environment have to do with our faith?

4.       Talk about some of the earth’s resources.

5.       What are some of the activities of this ministry?

6.       Is there a way your class could start its own environmental ministry? Decide on one thing you can to as a class to help the environment.



Page 12

1.       What is e-Learning?

2.       How does e-Learning work?

3.       Would you rather participate in e-Learning on a snow day, or have extra days tacked on to the end of the school year? Why?

4.       Why is e-Learning a benefit to parents and their families?

5.       Does your school participate in some kind of e-Learning program? Do you like it? Why/why not?



Page 15

1.       What subjects would be considered part of an ‘Arts’ program?

2.       Does your school offer classes in the Arts? Do you participate in any of them?

3.       Why have schools been cutting back on Arts programs?

4.       What benefits do classes in the Arts provide?

5.       According to music teacher Dave Dailey, what is the definition of music?

6.       How important is music in your life?

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