DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 2-4-18


Page 1

1.         What is DACA? How does it affect some young people in the United States?

2.         Many immigrants who are considered illegally in this country are in danger of being separated from their families. Do you think this is fair? Why/Why


3.         What does it mean when we say the U.S. is a nation of immigrants?

4.         Do you think the U.S. should be in the business of building walls, as the President suggests, rather than trying to find a solution to the problem. Discuss.

5.         While fleeing persecution, at one time the Holy Family became immigrants. How does their situation apply today? (Read Matthew 2:13-15)



Page 5

1.         What is ‘tribalism?’ Look it up in a dictionary or ask your teacher to explain.

2.         Talk about the ways you see that our country/our world has become divided.

3.         What does the word ‘Catholic’ mean?

4.         Do you have faith in the future? Why?

5.         What is a heresy?

6.         What is ‘monophysitism?’

7.         As a class, make a list of things all the people in the world hold in common.



Page 8

1.         What is a payday loan? Who is the target market for such businesses?

2.         According to Glenn Tebbe, what are the problems with these kinds of loans?

3.         What do payday lenders try to suggest is a benefit of these kinds of loans?

4.         An average loan through a bank would usually have an annual interest rate of anywhere between 5%, or maybe 25% to 36% on a credit card. How much interest are these companies charging? Do you think low-income people are being taken advantage of?

5.         How are some agencies, such a Brightpoint, offer an alternative to people driven to payday loans?



Page 9

1.         What does it mean to be ‘pro-life?’

2.         Bishop Hying, in his speech for the March for Life Chicago, is quoted as saying that the ‘Church says yes to everything that is of life and love.’ As a way of living, how does that make you feel?

3.         In what way did Jesus elevate the dignity of life?

4.         Does life hold dignity at any stage? Why/why not?

5.         What is activism? Ask your teacher to explain. Talk about ways people actively express their beliefs.



Page 10

1.         Do you have a special time of day when you especially enjoy silence? Talk about it.

2.         It is said that God often finds us in the silence. Do you find that to be true? How does that make you feel?

3.         Where do you find God’s miracles in creation?

4.         According to Deacon Plaiss, what are the things in life that are guaranteed to last?

5.         Try this for a week. Pick a time of day when you will sit in the silence, away from the noise of life, for just five minutes. Think about the things that come          to mind during that time. Do you think you might hear the voice of God talking to you?

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