DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 2-18-18


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1.      What did the good people of St. Francis Xavier parish celebrate on this day?

2.      Who was St. José Luis Sánchez del Rio?

3.      What made this saint’s faith in God so remarkable?

4.      What did he say when facing death for not cursing God?

5.      In what ways is St. José a model for all young people?




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1.      In addressing members of the U.S. Congress, what did this group of Catholics want to make sure was a priority?

2.      What are some of the social serves threatened to be cut by the new federal budget?

3.      Talk about how this has the potential to harm people.

4.      Why should we, as Catholics, be concerned about the poor among us?

5.      What are some of the other areas of concern this article notes?

6.      What would be morally wrong about creating a government budgets that only serves to bolster the military and cater to the rich?




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1.      This article notes that Lent is a kind of spiritual do-over? Talk about why you think this means.

2.      Pope Benedict XVI is quoted as saying that, “The one who has hope lives differently...” Discuss what you think he means.

3.      What are the three central Lenten practices? Talk about ways you can practice all three.

4.      How did Cardinal Van Thuan of Vietnam demonstrate a strong relationship between prayer and hope?

5.      What is something new you can add to your prayer life this Lent?



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1.      How did evil come into the life of Franciscan Father Michael Surufka in 2002?

2.      In what ways might life change in a ‘blink of an eye?’

3.      Father Surufka not only lost his home in the fire, but also his friend who was murdered. Do you believe that Father relied on his faith in God during this   horrible time? What might have given him strength?

4.      What was the ‘clarifying’ moment for this priest?

5.      What do we always need to remember when, in despair, we believe that we have nothing, that we are alone?

6.      Who is always with us? How does that make you feel?



Page 17

1.      What is gossip?

2.      Why do you think people like to gossip?

3.      What harm can gossip cause?

4.      In what ways does gossip serve to dehumanize others?

5.      Do you think gossip can be sinful? Why?

6.      How can you avoid gossip?

7.      ‘Our words lift others up or tear them down.’ Which of the two would you rather be doing and why?


by Debbie Bosak

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