DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 3-04-18


Page 3

1.         In this story, Pope Francis said that it was time to break free from a digital world. Talk about how technology has made people slaves.

2.         While modern technology has opened the world to many, how has it hindered our ability to relate to people face-to-face? What are the dangers of having only a digital relationship with people?

3.         “Open wide the doors of your life!” the pope said. What does he mean?

4.         Where and when will the next World Youth Day take place?

5.         Talk about the ways young people are afraid in today’s culture.

6.         In terms of our faith, what calls us to have courage?



Page 8

1.         What does God invite us to do during Lent?

2.         What are some of the things in your life that prevent you from hearing God’s voice?

3.         Do you find it hard to forgive others at times? Why?

4.         During Lent, what steps might we take to begin healing a relationship?

5.         Do you think you have any unhealthy habits? (Drinking too much pop? Too much TV, video games, computer time, etc.? There are still a few weeks left in Lent, what habit might you sacrifice?

6.         When we talk about ‘fasting’ during Lent, what might that include aside from food?

7.         How does the idea that God is working in your life make you feel?



Page 9

1.         What has made these students angry enough to act on their feelings?

2.         How did these students make their feelings known, make their voices heard?

3.         Why is the voice of young people and why should our law makers pay attention to it?

4.         As Catholics, we believe in the dignity and sanctity of all life. Do you believe that a person’s right to live their life should be more important than a person’s constitutional right to own a gun?


5.         Archbishop Thomas Wenski of Miami also called for greater funding of mental health issues. What does this have to do with the issue?



Page 10

1.         What exhibit at the National Gallery of Art is the focus of this article

2.         What is ‘stimata?’

3.         What makes the stimata of St. Francis of Assisi unique?

4.         How did the stimata first appear on the saint?

5.         What did St. Francis promote through his life?

6.         What do many Catholics admire most about St. Francis?



Page 15

1.         What did St. John Bosco school recently host and what was the purpose?

2.         What is ‘robotics?’

3.         How was this competition a lesson in teamwork?

4.         Why is a well-developed sense of cooperation an important life skill?