DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 3-18-18


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1.       What does Pope Francis mean when he says we should be a Church that ‘goes out?’

2.       The pope is quoted as saying, “I prefer a Church which is bruised, hurting and dirty because it has been out on the street, rather than a Church which is unhealthy from being confined and from clinging to its own security.” Discuss.

3.       What are the two areas of Church affairs that Pope Francis identified as needing attention during his pontificate?

4.       In what ways does the pope practice what he preaches in terms of going out among the people?

5.       What does the pope mean when he reference a ‘throw-away culture?’



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1.       ‘God’s love is never lacking.’ Discuss.

2.       What does sin cause in our lives and is a reason that God remains close?

3.       While sin causes us to draw away from God, God never draws away from us. Why do you think that is?

4.       ‘How truly difficult it is to let ourselves be loved!’ Do you ever find it difficult to let yourself be loved? Talk about it.

5.       Can you imagine anything greater than the love God has for us? Why/why not?



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1.       What is the Sabbath? What do we honor?

2.       What are the roots of the Sabbath?

3.       As Catholics, what do we commemorate each Sunday, our Sabbath?

4.       What are ways you and your family could honor the Sabbath?



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1.       What project did this artist recently complete?

2.       What does the word ‘agape’ mean? Ask your teacher to explain.

3.       Pszonka uses her talent for the greater glory of God. What are ways you can use your talent in a like manner?

4.       Do you artwork can be used for prayer? Why/why not?

5.       From whom do we receive all our talents?



1.       When Father Varon writes that Lent is a time to begin anew, what does he mean?

2.       What are ways we can ‘come back to the Lord?’

3.       Everything is erased by the love and mercy of God. Discuss.

4.       Is there anything we can do that God won’t forgive?

5.       What is the most important motive for prayer? What does prayer do?

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