DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 3-25-18


Page 1

1.      According to Pope Francis, what are the three words that summarize the life of St. Padre Pio?

2.      In what ways have we become a ‘throw-away’ culture?

3.      In the way of Padre Pio, what are Christians called to do?

4.      Do you believe that many only lift their prayers to the Lord in emergencies? Talk about this.

5.      Padre Pio received the stigmata. What does this mean?

6.      The pope remarked that St. Pio recognized in the poor the flesh of Christ. What does this mean? How can we do a better job of recognizing the poor and suffering among us?



Page 3

1.      What is the difference between charity and justice? Ask your teacher to help explain.

2.      List some of the things in the world today that you find to be unjust.

3.      What are the seven principles of Catholic social teaching? Pick one or two         

         and talk about what they mean to us as Catholics.

4.      What is the mission of Catholic Charities?

5.      Talk about some of the things Catholic Charities does to bring relief to those in need.



Page 10

1.      What honors did the young scientists of St. John the Evangelist recently win?

2.      Do you enjoy learning about science? Why/why not?

3.      Which one of these experiments caught your interest? Why?

4.      After reading this article, what are some of the ways science can help to     

         better our society?

5.      Have you ever done a science experiment for school? Share with your class.



Page 12

1.      What are robotics?

2.      In what ways has teamwork been an important component of this competition?

3.      What tasks must the robots complete in the competition?

4.      Do you think science is a part of our faith? Why/why not?

5.      According to this team’s coach, what have been some of the benefits received from being a part of the robotics team?



Page 13

1.      What is ‘intercession?’

2.      What does Pope Francis tell us about asking the Lord to listen to our prayers?

3       Read Exodus 32:7-14 aloud in class?

4.      Why was God angry?

5.      How did Moses intercede for his people?

6.      According to the pope, what are the two things needed for prayers of intercession?

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