DISCUSSION GUIDE, Issue of 04-08-18


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1.    Why do you believe Bishop Hying was happy to see so many young people     at the annual Chrism Mass?

2.    Why are young people important for the future of our Church?

3.    Holy Oils are blessed during the Chrism Mass. Name them and explain what    they are used for during the year.

4.    Which oil is consecrated by the bishop? Why does he breathe into this     particular vessel?

5.    What, according to Bishop Hying, are God’s greatest gifts to us?

6.    Ask your teacher to show you where the Holy Oils are kept in your church.



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1.    This article states that ‘death, solitude and fear’ do not have the last word.       What does this mean and what/who made this possible?

2.    What does ‘urbi et orbi’ mean?

3.    What, according to Pope Francis, does Jesus’s victory over death do?

4.    What image did Jesus use to foretell his death and resurrection?

5.    ‘Our God is a God of surprises.’ Has God ever surprise you? How?

6.    According to the pope, where do we find our true hope?



Page 3

1.    What are the Knights of Columbus supporting in this story?

2.    In what ways will these funds help the areas in question?

3.    Do you believe we have a responsibility to aid and support others, even those we don’t know? Why?

4.    How will the funds be used?



Page 5

1.    In what ways might life ‘wound’ us?

2.    Even as a young person, how can life wound you?

3.    Why do you think Jesus can always understand our brokenness?

4.    What is the story of Thomas from Scripture? Read John 20:24-31 aloud in       class.

5.    Where do we find healing from our wounds – our brokenness?



Page 12

1.    Who does Sara Rushboldt consider a hero in this story?

2.    What gift did she receive?

3.    How were Rushboldt’s lungs damaged?

4.    In what ways are organ donations literally a gift of life?

5.    How did faith play a part in her journey?

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