DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 4-15-18


Page 1

1.      What is the name of Pope Francis’ new document; what does it mean in English? What does this document address?

2.      What does the pope mean when he says holiness is something that should be a part of our everyday lives?

3.      When the pope speaks of our ‘journey,’ to what is he referring?

4.      How do you find God in the midst of your daily lives?

5.      Looking ahead to your future, do you feel it’s important to lead a life that is relevant? What might this mean?



Page 3

1.      According to many, what did Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. model?

2.      What tragedy befell Rev. King?

3.      What is racism and do you believe it’s a sin? Why/why not?

4.      What are some of the ways racism can not only hurt people, but hurt our country, as well?

5.      What can you do as a young person to help build a ‘culture of love?’



Page 12

1.      Why do you think people enjoy theatre so much?

2.      What was this particular play and why do you believe it drew such a large audience at Marquette Catholic High School?

3.      These actors were said to be using their ‘God-given’ talents. What are your God-given talents?

4.      Do you believe you have a responsibility to grow your talents? Why?

5.      What skills would theatre help one to develop?



Page 13

1.      Can you think of some people who have come in and out of your lives? Talk about it.

2.      According to the writer, who are stewards?

3.      What are some of the characteristics you like best about your friends?

4.      What, according to the writer, is stewardship?

5.      Who are the people who continue to look after you? Who have been there for you in good times and bad? How have they helped you in times of need?



Page 16

1.      When did Francesco Forgione first dedicate his life to God?

2.      In what ways, as a child, did he demonstrate his love for God?

3.      What remarkable things was Francesco capable of doing?

4.      Francesco became Padre Pio when he became a priest and Capuchin friar. To whom did he offer his sufferings and with what purpose?

5.      What is ‘stigmata?’

6.      What other spiritual gifts did Padre Pio exhibit?

7.      What words were in his mouth when he died? What happened to hisstigmata?

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